Every business owner knows just how important branding is. Your brand image tells your customers a lot about your business. And the truth is, it only takes a quick glance for your customer to form an impression. 

We’re visual creatures. For us to feel a connection and likability towards a company, we need to be enticed by its appearance. Professional and quality branding tells us the company itself must be professional and quality. It’s simple math. 

Could your company use a fresh, new look? 

The thing about branding is, it can be done by anyone. Meaning, it’s not necessary to hire a professional brand developer to make the decisions for you. Nor do you need a graphic designer to bring your brand’s image to life. One more thing you don’t need- tons of money. 

Want to know how and where to get your branding materials at no cost? Then, continue reading. 


I’m sure you already know that coming up with a new slogan doesn’t have to cost money. That’s because your creative mind is fully capable of coming up with a slogan. Although, if you’re simply not a wordsmith or you want to do some brainstorming, there’s a handy tool you might like. 

All you have to do is type keywords into the Slogan Maker tool. It will then generate an entire list of slogan examples for you. Whether you find the perfect slogan here or not, it doesn’t hurt to spark your inspiration. 


Revamping your brand image can’t be done without a brand new logo design. Since your logo is crucial for building brand recognition, it should be created with care. Every detail in your logo is important to consider. The color, fonts, designs, and icon. 

For an easy-to-use logo design tool, try Logo Creator. The features on this tool are user-friendly, and it’s completely free. No login required. Since it’s quick and free to use, you can even create a few prototypes before you settle on your perfect new logo. 


Giving your Email newsletters a new branded design will work to catch the eye of your subscribers. Adding some subtle color splashes, or personalizing with your logo is a great way to make your Email pop. 

For an all-around useful tool for your Email newsletters, check out Mailchimp. With this you can customize, schedule, and manage all of your Email marketing in one place.  

Social Media

Social media is a place for businesses to really connect with their audience. Although, it comes with a lot of competition.

I’m sure you already know how quickly people move while scrolling through social media. Which is why it’s so important to use visuals in your content. 

Putting special care into content design can make a world of difference in how much engagement it gets. Branding your content also helps your audience to familiarize themselves better with your company. 

Social media is a large category with several different content types. So, I’d like to share a few different tools with you-

Vimeo– this video creation tool can be used for free to create custom, beautifully branded videos for your social media posts. Videos are a great way to get a message to your audience in a way that’s entertaining and digestible to them. 

Gimp– a full-featured graphic design tool. Brand all of your written content and posts easily with Gimps. Also free to use. 

Apester– create interactive content with this tool. Quizzes, polls, questionnaires, and more. There are templates provided so you can design your interactive content with your unique brand look. 

Pixabay– this is an entire library of photos and images, free for use. An excellent way to break up text in blog posts or articles. Or even for cover photos of your social media content. 

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